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Black Friday sometimes feels like a war for who can be the cheapest, a race to catch the attention of people to buy things they don’t even need. So we’re closed today and instead, we ask that those who visit our store think about how you want to spend this day, whether you are buying because you need stuff, which is cool - we can’t argue with that - or you are buying because its cheap, which is not so cool. And let’s build a culture that encourages people to buy things they need, and that last rather than one that encourages a culture of throwaways.

We’ll be back tomorrow selling bottles to people who need bottles. If you’re here for the first time, sign up to our newsletter to stay in the OB loop.

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How much plastic collection does one Ocean Bottle fund?

With the sale of every Ocean Bottle we fund the collection of 11.4kg of ocean bound plastic, equivalent in weight to 1000 plastic bottles. This is 25lbs of plastic. This is made possible by supporting plastic collectors in coastal communities via an efficient blockchain verified plastic collection system provided by Plastic Bank. Collectors can exchange plastic waste for money or digital credit to spend on tuition,  healthcare, tech goods or micro finance. 

How are funds collected?

All funds are sent to Plastic Bank, at a fixed rate for every bottle sold. 70% of funds go to plastic collectors. 30% goes to the development of plastic collection infrastructure where the world needs it most.

Thousands of collectors who are currently signed up with our partner Plastic Bank are paid to collect and deposit plastic. We want to grow this to a global team of millions of plastic collectors and increase awareness on solving the issue by tackling the root of the problem.

We currently collect plastic with help from partner Plastic Bank in Haiti, the Philippines, Indonesia and Brazil. You can see where we operate here

What is ocean bound plastic?

Great question. It is mismanaged plastic waste (MMPW) that is either on coastlines or in proximity to waterways. It's plastic waste on its way tothe ocean and usually in coastal communities. When the seasonal rain arrives this plastic is flushed out into the ocean.

Is there enough plastic to collect?

Unfortunately there is way too much plastic and it will take years to combat the issue. A growing middle class, increasing plastic consumption and little waste infrastructure in many developing regions means that ocean plastic input is expected to increase from one truck per minute to four trucks per minute by 2060. There are 22million kgs of plastic flowing into our ocean every day. 

How can I be sure the plastic is collected?

We are working with the latest blockchain technology from IBM Linux ONE which guarantees transparency of all plastic collected every time you buy an Ocean Bottle. You can find out more about Social Plastic and how this works here.

What can I use my Ocean Bottle product for?

The Ocean Bottle combines the most sustainable materials for a product that you can use everyday on all occasions. The award-winning Ocean Bottle is designed  to be part of your daily life essentials–from work to workout, to dinner to dancing or on the go.  It easily fits into your backpack, purse or gym bag. It is great for all kinds of beverages like water, fruit infused drinks, iced coffee, carbonated liquids, smoothies, juice, tea and coffee, whilst guaranteeing it won’t leak whilst you carry it around with you and is also easy to drink from and clean with its double opening. The easy carry loop means you can always have it with you, even if you are using your hands for texting.

It is also the only product in its category that loves the dishwasher.

Does it keep my drink cold or hot?

Our top grade insulation technology is able to ensure ideal temperatures for any liquid hot up to 9hours or cold up to 12 hours.

Can I use my Ocean Bottle products to store drinks and keep them fresh?

The Ocean Bottle is not recommended for long-term storage of liquids. It is for daily use and will keep your beverages fresh during 24 hours, but is not recommended for longer than that. Some drinks such as alcoholic beverages, juices and milk can have negative effects on the bottle if left for long periods. As the product is dishwasher safe, feel free to place it inside your dishwasher whenever you finish using it or use our big opening to clean it easily and quickly by hand.

What is an Ocean Bottle made of?

Recycled stainless steel, plastic and recycled plastic in addition to up cycled ocean-bound plastic and a silicone loop. All materials are fully recyclable.

Where are Ocean Bottle products manufactured?

The Ocean Bottle is designed by design firm K8 from Norway. The bottles are made in Shanghai via a factory that went through a rigorous vetting process and who are currently applying to be one of the only 4 manufacturers of reusable goods to get B Corp Status. 

How will my Ocean Bottle be packaged? What materials is the packaging made from? 

Our packaging is made from 100% recycled material and is designed to have the least possible effect on our environment. It is fully recyclable too, please deposit in your cardboard recycling bin at home.  This does not mean we have thrown quality out of the window. Our packaging design has the necessary features to guarantee your product will arrive in the best condition possible to your door.

How do I clean my Ocean Bottle?

The Ocean Bottle can be cleaned as much as you like. Since our bottle is dishwasher safe, feel free to remove the cap, open the larger opening, take out the gasket and place all the pieces in the dishwasher. If you want to wash by hand, we recommend washing your bottle with warm water and soap after use and drying and storing it with the top off. After washing your Ocean Bottle, we recommend that you dry by airing it out upside down and storing it with the lid off.

What will delivery cost me?

We deliver to most countries using tracked and signed methods from either DHL or UPS. 

Delivery to the UK is typically within 2-3 days and costs £3.95, Europe between 3-6 days for £8.50 and the rest of the world between 5 to 9 days for £9.80GBP. 

Note customs and local tax for international orders may be charged separately which are not included in the costs. 

We also offer express shipping with UPS.

My bottle is leaking what can I do?

If your bottle is leaking it is most likely missing a rubber gasket which may have fallen out during washing. Don't panic! it is easily replaceable and should stop the leak. Please email and we will send you a new one. 

What if I’m not happy with my bottle? How can I return it? 

We’ll be devastated to hear that and happy to exchange your bottle for a different one or refund you. We accept returns up to 30 days after delivery. All Bottles orders are covered against manufacturing defects for a period of 2 years after purchase.
As long as the product has not been used or engraved, we will issue a full refund once the item has been received at our warehouse. Please note that the cost of return will need to be covered by the customer, as we do not offer free returns.

We also offer free replacement parts with the aim for the bottle to last you a lifetime. 

How can I recycle my bottle at the end of its life ? 

We hope the bottle will have a life of at least 10 years and offer free replacement parts to keep it functioning at its best performance. Once you have finished with your bottle, for most countries it is  possible to recycle it in your local council's sorting facility, please break the bottle down into its separate parts first.

Alternatively, we will be happy to recycle the bottle for you with the help of partners Terra Cycle. Please send an email to for next steps. 

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

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