Dear visitor, we’re not open today.

Black Friday sometimes feels like a war for who can be the cheapest, a race to catch the attention of people to buy things they don’t even need. So we’re closed today and instead, we ask that those who visit our store think about how you want to spend this day, whether you are buying because you need stuff, which is cool - we can’t argue with that - or you are buying because its cheap, which is not so cool. And let’s build a culture that encourages people to buy things they need, and that last rather than one that encourages a culture of throwaways.

We’ll be back tomorrow selling bottles to people who need bottles. If you’re here for the first time, sign up to our newsletter to stay in the OB loop.

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Tipped For Success

Ocean Bottle on Indiegogo

We are proud to have launched our bottles on Indiegogo and we wouldn’t be anywhere if it wasn’t for our backers from 88 countries. In doing so we now have a tribe of ocean loving people who believe in our mission and want to help solve the ocean plastic crisis.

Our People

We’re a group of individuals from different backgrounds and places of the world who love the ocean and share one common goal to preserve it. Most of us started out with little knowledge of the environmental crisis we are in, but the more aware we became, the harder it became to ignore. We’re powered by this and the belief that we can all have an impact however much we know.

Join us. Our oceans need all of us.

Our Products

Creating a product that’s part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic that also feels and looks good too is no easy feat. However we can now confidently say we’ve created the most sustainably minded reusable bottle out there.

However, in line with our belief to be transparent about everything we do, we have to admit when it comes to the bottle, it has a footprint that isn’t yet the best it could be. We’re working on it and we’ll continue to.

What is equally important to us is creating a bottle that will last a lifetime, is easily recyclable and never compromises on impact. You can find out more about the trials and tribulations of our production process here.

Our Sustainable Practices 


It's not enough just to make things sustainably, we also want to invest in programs that replace the resources we've spent, which is where offsets come in. Each bottle we produce offsets up to 18kg of CO2 from recycling and reusing all the plastic that is collected. We also believe in offsetting across other parts of the business however, and as a team partner with C-Level to offset our travel footprint and put back some of the resources we use when we travel. You can find out more about them here


We are nothing without the OB community and it's thanks to all of them in 88 countries for the support this far.  As well as creating a long term solution to the protection of our oceans and reducing our impact on the environment its important to us to rewarding others that do so too. 

We want our bottle to be the only bottle you ever need to buy but we’re aware you may have some already sitting on the shelf at home. Send them in and we’ll recycle them, same goes for our ocean bottle if you go off it too.

reusable water bottle

More Impact In The Works 

We'll fund the collection of an extra 10 plastic bottles with every picture and tag #oceanbottle or @oceanbottle so get sharing pictures of your OB. 

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

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