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We need the ocean.
It gives us every other breath of oxygen we take, yet we’re filling it with rubbish.

By 2050, plastic in the ocean is expected to outweigh the fish. This doesn’t sound like a future we want to be part of.


If your sink was overflowing, would you turn off the tap or start mopping the floor?

Until now, humankind’s response to the ocean plastic crisis has been like mopping the floor. Instead, we want to turn the tap off ocean plastic before it reaches the water.

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1 FOR 1000

Every time you buy an Ocean Bottle, we fund the collection of at least 1,000 plastic bottles in weight before they enter the ocean.

And that’s just the start: register your bottle on our Ocean Bottle App and we collect more plastic every time you use it. Plus, we’ll help you find nearby places to refill.



We work with people all over the world, wherever plastic pollution is worst, to stop the flow at its source.

Collectors exchange plastic for money and get access to social resources such as healthcare, education, mental health support and financial security.


Wherever in the world you live, it’s just an illusion that plastic ‘disappears’. The people who end up suffering most from plastic pollution are often those living in poverty, in coastal regions.

Yet they are the ones on the front lines of the ocean plastic crisis doing the critical work to collect and sort the world's waste.

This is where we can make the biggest social and environmental impact.


We will always

Collect 11.368kg of plastic (equivalent to 1,000 bottles) for every bottle you buy

Make our bottles as reusable as possible, from brilliant design to spare parts to a closed loop recycling system

Actively do good (not just do no harm), by giving more to the
world’s natural resources than we take, by being a B Corp, and by trying to better the planet through all our actions

Look beyond plastic, for example by restoring vital mangroves, and supporting our collectors’ social inclusion and healthcare

We will never

Greenwash, exaggerate or hide our results – it’s all transparent in our annual Impact Report

Reduce quality or sustainability to cut costs; we know you’ll only use our products if they’re really well made

Use offsetting as an excuse for bad behaviour. We take care to leave the planet better than we found it

Change our environmental and social mission statement: it’s locked into our legal documents

Where we're at so far

5,732,109 KGS

plastic collected


types of plastics


families supported


mangrove trees nurtured


communities benefited from a formalised waste management infrastructure


If you leave this page with
3 things, know that…

If you leave this page with
3 things, know that…


Every 60 seconds, a truckload of plastic enters the ocean from polluted waterways around the world


Unless we change our behaviour, plastic production is expected to double by 2040, making the situation even worse


If we slow plastic production, improve collection infrastructure and get into reusables (hint hint), we could improve the situation by 80% in the next 20 years

Our mission is to bring people together to turn
the tide on ocean plastic.

Join us.


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