Plastic Free July: Join the Movement to Combat Plastic Pollution

Plastic Free July® is a global initiative empowering people to be part of the solution to plastic pollution. By participating, individuals, organizations, and policymakers can work together to create holistic solutions that regenerate the environment, reduce the demand for plastic, and prevent plastic waste from entering our ecosystems.

Why Plastic Pollution is a Critical Issue
Plastic pollution affects every part of our ecosystem, including land, water, air, wildlife, and human health. The pervasive nature of plastic waste calls for immediate and sustained action to mitigate its impact.

How You Can Make a Difference

Personal Actions:

  1. Take the Challenge: Commit to reducing your plastic use by joining the Plastic Free July Challenge.
  2. Support Campaigns: Join or support campaigns advocating for plastic reduction policies, such as our partner City to Sea’s Reuse Manifesto to reduce the demand for single-use plastic packaging.
  3. Opt for Reusables: Use reusable and refillable bags, bottles, and containers. Participate in initiatives like The Coffee Cup Challenge this July.
  4. Follow Advocates: Learn from plastic-free advocates about sustainable alternatives and share these ideas with others.
  5. Sustainable Purchases: Buy from companies committed to reducing plastic waste. Our Ocean Bottles not only offer a reusable solution but also fund the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles per purchase, preventing them from entering our oceans.
  6. Community Involvement: Join local clean-up drives and awareness campaigns to actively contribute to reducing plastic waste.

Professional Actions:

  1. Attend and Organise Workshops: Educate and engage your team by hosting workshops and training sessions about plastic pollution. We’re hosting an event on July 8th, 'Ocean Connects: Building Trust Through Transparency'. To request an invite, please email
  2. Conduct Audits: Perform a plastic audit of your operations and innovate solutions to reduce plastic usage.
  3. Collaborate Locally: Work with local businesses and stakeholders to promote plastic-free initiatives and sustainable supply chains.
  4. Invest in Collection: Support Ocean Bound plastic collection with our sister company, Ocean Co.

Together, we can Turn the Tide on plastic pollution. Join millions of people taking small actions to make a significant impact this Plastic Free July and beyond.

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