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Our Latest Ocean Hero: Danni Washington

Ocean Heroes...what's this?


Our Ocean Heroes series features people across the spectrum of all things ocean. From those who pioneer the making of Super Coral to people who are rowing across the Pacific Garbage patch. Given that Danni has such an inspiring story,  we couldn’t not make her one of the first. 

Florida native Danni - grew up near the ocean and fell in love at an early age with the mysteries and the wonders beneath the waves. After studying marine biology at the University of Miami, Danni soon learned that she would become a “Science Communicator”. Someone who could be the bridge between academia and everyone else. She did this through television shows and video programming. Whilst Danni might have studied as a marine biologist, her work as a communicator focuses on storytelling. Taking stories from scientists - their work and research - and translating them into something engaging and fun.


Danni Washington | Ocean Hero from Ocean Bottle on Vimeo.


Interview Highlights

 Hey Danni, what gets you up in the morning? The knowledge there is a whole new generation ready and willing to fight for our Ocean. Our planet is too precious to let it go by the wayside and it’s up to humans to change our behaviours and our lifestyles in order to live in harmony with nature. 

What’s Big Blue & You? In 2008, I co-founded Big Blue & You with my mum in Miami. The main focus is to educate and inspire young people about ocean conservation using science and art. This combination is pure magic! 

What inspired you to become a marine biologist? Jacques Cousteau (who invented modern day scuba gear) and Dr Silvia Earl’s passion and curiosity for the ocean. 

When it comes to ocean preservation, you talk about how we need to give people the insight and information they need to change their daily behaviours for the better. It’s not easy for everyone but that’s where inspiration comes in. You have to show solutions and provide opportunities for people to get involved. The lack of connection to the ocean is simply because of proximity; even if 20% of the world’s population lives on the coast, there’s still this feeling of fear when it comes to the ocean, the unknown. I want to take people to these places and expose them to it without them feeling that fear and dispelling it. Showing people how wonderful and amazing our ocean really is.

“Environmental justice and social justice are one of the same” What do you mean? It’s about protecting people and the planet. We must elevate the protection of people. Everyone should have a seat at the table when it comes to finding solutions that will protect our planet. 

Last but not least, the underwater animal you vibe with? The beautiful orca. Fun fact...the orca live in a matriartical society where the female makes the choices. It’s SO cool. 


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