Introducing the OB Book Club, where sustainability meets storytelling. Coming to you once a month.   


Each month we’ll be recommending a story that inspires us here at OB HQ and introducing it to you.


It’s not strictly just books, but the aim of our book club is to share stories that inspire us to make a difference, wth the hope it will empower us to create a world where plastic pollution is a problem of the past.


To start, we’re going back to basics and asking the question, what is the true story of plastic?

Our pick-of-this-month is The Story of Plastic: an Emmy-winning, documentary and animated film that uncovers the lifecycle of plastic, and how this man-made material has resulted in today’s global plastic pollution crisis.

Click below to watch the Animated Short Film 👇

Access the full film and find out more here 👀📹


It’s that time again! Last month we asked ourselves how plastic is made, and this month we’re diving into the ocean!

This leads us onto our next pick-of-the-month - A Plastic Ocean.

The adventure documentary was filmed in more than 20 locations across 5 years, capturing the harrowing impacts of plastic waste on marine ecosystems.

Our funding at Ocean Bottle goes directly to the clean-up of ocean-bound plastic, preventing plastic waste from entering the ocean, so this documentary is very close to our hearts!

Click below to watch the trailer 👇


Access the full film and find out more here 👀📹


Our OB Book Club recommendation for March has been released and guest what… it’s finally a book!

This month we’re dedicating our choice to World Water Day 🌊 

World Water Day, supported by the United Nations and held on the 22nd March, aims to shed light on the unequal access to water across the globe. 

Our pick-of-the-month book is: Why we Swim by Bonnie Tsui

This book explores human’s innate connection to water, and the meditative wonders of swimming. Swimmer and writer, Bonnie Tsui, deep dives into the unique world of swimming from the five angles of survival, wellbeing, community, competition and flow. She draws insights from people across the world, including polar swim champions, a Baghdad swim club, Olympian athletes and modern-day samurai swimmers.

Read the summary and see stockists for the book here 📖👀


In honour of Earth Day and its poignant theme this year, "planet vs. plastic," our book club has chosen a documentary film that delves deep into one of the most pressing environmental issues that Indonesia is facing: plastic pollution.

Titled ‘Plastic Island’ (or 'Pulau Plastik'), this eye-opening documentary follows the journeys of three individuals from different walks of life in Indonesia as they confront the pervasive impact of plastic pollution on their country and the world at large.

Led by a Balinese vocalist from a grunge band, a young lawyer from Jakarta, and a biologist and river guard from East Java - these three embark on a journey to uncover the extent of plastic pollution in Indonesia, tracing its entry into our food chain and its detrimental effects on human health. Through their experiences, the film sheds light on the urgent need to address the plastic pollution crisis and explores potential solutions.

As we celebrate Earth Day and reflect on our collective responsibility to protect our planet, ‘Plastic Island’ serves as a stark reminder of the interconnectedness of environmental issues and human well-being. Produced by Ewa Wojkowska, Executive Producer of the film, the initiative behind this documentary emphasises the importance of local culture and wisdom in finding solutions to the plastic pollution crisis.

"We began this initiative in Bali with the vision that local culture and local wisdom can be a big part of the solution to prevent the ever-increasing problem of single-use plastic pollution. Through 'Plastic Island,' we hope to inspire and encourage everyone to take real action and reduce the reliance on, and problems caused by, single-use plastics." - Wojkowska, Executive Producer.

This Earth Day, join us in watching ‘Plastic Island’ and engaging in meaningful discussions about the impact of plastic pollution on our planet and what we can do to create positive change. And for those who thoroughly enjoyed this watch, the same producers have made a four part series on the topic.

Click below to watch the trailer 👇

Watch the full fim on Netflixhttps://www.netflix.com/gb/title/81597205 


Immerse yourself in the outside world 🌾

This month, our OB Book Club recommendation is inspired by No Mow May, the movement created to protect and improve the population of native flora and pollinators.

Introducing ‘Where the Wildflowers Grow' by Leif Bersweden. 

Leif Bersweden, a passionate botanist, takes readers on a journey across Britain and Ireland to discover the rich tapestry of native plants. Through his eyes, we see the beauty of our natural landscapes and the threats they face from climate change, habitat destruction, and declining pollinator populations. Leif is able to explore and document these botanical treasures, whilst raising awareness about the importance of conservation.

This exploration of wildflowers aligns with the No Mow May movement, and acts as a timely reminder of the beauty and significance of our native flora, and the urgent need to protect it and the world that we live in. 

Join us on this journey into the wild (flowers) with ‘Where the Wildflowers Grow’ available here.


Our pick-of-the-month this June is "What Happens to Plastic in the Ocean: The Mystery of Missing Plastic" - a documentary shedding light on one of the most perplexing environmental conundrums of our time. Where is all our plastic waste?!

Despite the staggering amount of plastic waste produced and discarded globally, 99% of the plastic that should be floating in the oceans is mysteriously missing. This documentary takes viewers on an investigative journey to uncover the fate of millions of tonnes of plastic that have seemingly vanished.

"We must keep in mind that the quantity of microplastics over the next few years will still increase because of the fragmentation of the, what I would call, the legacy items - the large items of plastic debris that are already in the ocean." - Prof. Richard Thompson, OBE FRS

This documentary has been chosen as our watch of the month, whilst we celebration World Oceans Day! This years WOD theme, "Awaken New Depths," encourages us to deepen our understanding of ocean conservation and the threats it faces. "The Mystery of Missing Plastic" aligns perfectly with this theme, and offers us some crucial insights into the hidden impacts of plastic pollution on the ocean.

So, join us as we dive deep into the ocean and watch the full documentary here 👇


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