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A Chat with Jemma Finch, Co-Founder of Stories Behind Things

Earlier this week, we chatted to Jemma Finch, one half of the incredible Stories Behind Things duo. Stories Behind Things is an online storytelling platform centered around activism, sustainable living & encouraging us to think more mindfully about the physical items we engage with.  The platform constantly encourages consumers to ask themselves; “Who makes my clothes?”. “Are they being paid fairly?”. “What are the brands I like doing for the planet?”.

This year, they launched their Seasonal Shop, a narrative led shopping experience, with sustainability at the forefront of every listing. They tell the story of every brand in an attempt to reconnect us with what we are consuming and why. If you’re thinking about Christmas presents this year & want to support brands that are doing good for the planet - this is a great place to start (and not just because we’re on there 😉). 

Jemma provided us with a deeper insight into the beginnings of Stories Behind Things, as well as some top tips for the festive period ahead

OB: What was your a-ha moment that made you become engaged in sustainability?

JF: Understanding that everything is interconnected was the a-ha moment for me! A few years ago before Stories Behind Things was born I started to become curious as to where things came from, from fashion supply chains and the daily items that we use every day without thought. Looking back on it now, I think it was many years of curiosity that led me to where I am now.

OB: Can you tell us a bit more about how Stories Behind Things was founded?

JF: Before I started Stories Behind Things I felt very disconnected to the fast paced and throwaway culture we live in. Starting Stories behind Things was a mindful act for me, a way for me to personally reconnect to what I was consuming on a daily basis - from the clothing we wear to food we eat, it all has a story. @storiesbehindthings started with a simple mission - to celebrate telling stories about old clothes. The rest is history!

OB: You’ve always got your nose to the ground when it comes to environmental news and movements - what is or are the biggest positive thing(s) to have happened for climate action this year?

JF: Renewables!! The possibility that we could be using 100% renewable power by 2030 in the UK! This is an area that really excites me when thinking of ways that our future can exist in a more sustainable way.

OB: What are the 3 top things for how we as individuals can make Christmas more sustainable?


  2. Buy things that mean something
  3. Consider giving experience gifts over a physical one.

OB: Any brands we should check out?

JF: Riley Studio cashmere socks, Mary sustainable botanical gin, Allbirds trainers, and of course… Ocean Bottle! 

We loved talking to Jemma and learning more about Stories Behind Things.  We recommend giving them a follow on Instagram, @storiesbehindthings to stay up to date with the latest News (your weekly fix of sustainable news), and brand inspiration. 

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