We want your BREW to last you a lifetime. That’s why we champion durability in
our design, as well as offering a 10 year warranty on all of our products,
meaning we’ll replace defective or broken parts for free, always. Register your
bottle by scanning the base with your phone to activate your warranty.
If your faithful BREW FLASK does reach the end of its life, here’s how you
can make sure it gets a chance at a new life.
Your BREW, with a little care, can be deconstructed!
  1. Unscrew your Brew lid from the base
  2. Now twist the cup to the usual open drinking position, then twist it once more (might need to be a bit harder) so it twists off fully
  3. You should be able to see the cup gasket which sits at the bottom on the thread (it may be the same colour as the rest of your Brew, in which case you can feel for the silicone). Pull this off.
  4. Now take the adaptor piece of the lid, on the top side you will see the indicator ring, leave this in place. On the bottom you will find the adaptor gasket, this is also silicone - pull this off.
  5. Now that you’ve removed the gaskets, screw the cup and the adaptor back together (Tip: These components are all made of the same plastic so it’s best to keep them together so small parts don’t get lost, and more plastic gets recycled!)
  6. To remove the baseplate from the base, locate the notch and use a flat screwdriver or similar object to carefully pop the baseplate away from the base. 
  7. You will notice a baseplate gasket, you will also need to pull this off the base



  1. The baseplate and re-assembled (gasket free) lid can all be recycled together in your recycling bin or at a local recycling centre. Separately, so can the stainless steel base. (Tip: Make sure you know what recycling your local authority offers before putting it in your recycling bin - and even better, visit your local recycling centre so you can be sure the right materials go into the right bins. You can find information on what your local kerbside collection includes, as well as details of your nearest recycling centre on your local council’s website).
  2. The three silicone gaskets will unfortunately have to go in your general waste, unless you can think of a better use for them (we’re all ears).

We continue to work towards utilising even more recycled content in our products. The average recycled content of our products across the entire range is 65%. The Brew contains 63.2% recycled content.

We also continue to research alternative materials for our unrecyclable components (silicone) that match our current performance, although silicone currently makes up just 5.5% of the materials used on average across our product range.

Thank you for joining us to turn the tide on plastic pollution 🌊

*This advice applies to current UK recycling schemes.

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