Dear visitor, we’re not open today.

Black Friday sometimes feels like a war for who can be the cheapest, a race to catch the attention of people to buy things they don’t even need. So we’re closed today and instead, we ask that those who visit our store think about how you want to spend this day, whether you are buying because you need stuff, which is cool - we can’t argue with that - or you are buying because its cheap, which is not so cool. And let’s build a culture that encourages people to buy things they need, and that last rather than one that encourages a culture of throwaways.

We’ll be back tomorrow selling bottles to people who need bottles. If you’re here for the first time, sign up to our newsletter to stay in the OB loop.

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We're in this together. Covid- 19.

The COVID-19 epidemic continues to evolve by the day. As a business and a community, we believe that we must do our part to slow the spread of the virus while we continue to operate. 

Our priority is our people. This means prioritising the health, safety & wellbeing of the immediate team, plastic collectors across the world, the workers in our factory & warehouse. 

We are proud to be raising funds for the Plastic Bank Community Relief Fund, that ensures collectors are given access to funds despite not being able to go out and earn a livelihood. You can see the Limited Edition Obsidian Black Bottle and find out more about the Fund here

Our online store is still open, and we’ll be available at  or via our social channels where we're trying to provide a little light relief to what's going on. 

This is a critical moment in the world let’s work together to protect and care for one another.

Even afar, we’re all in the same boat. 

What is the plan for online fulfillment? 

Our distribution center is currently up and running and taking extensive precautions to ensure the safety of its workers. We’re continuing to closely monitor local and governmental guidelines. 

Will my shipment be delayed?

Our order processing time may increase to 3–5 business days. 

What is happening with your factory during this time? 

Currently, our factory is still open. We have been in constant communication with our factory, suppliers, and distribution center to ensure they are putting protections in place for their workers.

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Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

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