Dear visitor, we’re not open today.

Black Friday sometimes feels like a war for who can be the cheapest, a race to catch the attention of people to buy things they don’t even need. So we’re closed today and instead, we ask that those who visit our store think about how you want to spend this day, whether you are buying because you need stuff, which is cool - we can’t argue with that - or you are buying because its cheap, which is not so cool. And let’s build a culture that encourages people to buy things they need, and that last rather than one that encourages a culture of throwaways.

We’ll be back tomorrow selling bottles to people who need bottles. If you’re here for the first time, sign up to our newsletter to stay in the OB loop.

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If you are as driven as us about...

Protecting our oceans

Reducing plastic waste

Campaigning for conscious consumption

Climate change

Getting behind well made thoughtful products

Then you are the right fit for our Ocean Bottle Ambassador Projects

What's in it for you?

Earn commission on selling the most sustainable award-winning bottles in the world.

Rally your community to sign petitions & campaigns on behalf of ocean health.

Join & take part in open water conversations with the OB community where we discuss the state of the oceans.

Get financial & communications support for your ocean & activist ideas.

Get access to products before anyone else & develop new products with us.

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

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