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Reframing travel : Interview with co-brand partner Pelorus Travel

Many people are doing all that they can to play their part in helping to protect the planet. Travel and in particular,  flying by air is a hugely contentious subject. It's naive to think people will stop travelling altogether. But we need to live in a world where we're travelling less and considering more about our carbon footprint. How we're making the most of our trip and the environmental stamp it's making. We can learn so much about the world by discovering it but it's what we do with that discovery that can really help protect it.  

We recently partnered with Pelorus, a leading experiential and yacht expedition company founded by two ex-military guys and wanted to hear more about their mission and how travel can help us learn more about the planet to ultimately protect it. Charlie who heads up their Sustainability strategy answered a few questions for us. 

Many folks are increasingly caught between a love of wanting to travel and the negative carbon impact that comes with it as well as the negative environmental tone it sets. Have you seen a change in the trips people are requesting and going on? And what advice would you give to people caught in this predicament? 
We are seeing changes and we are really excited by the increasing enthusiasm that our clients have for spending time with conservation and  environmental protection projects during their trips, whether it be collaring in the heartlands of Africa or collecting data in Antarctica’s icy ecosystems. We are encouraging and driving these changes in conversations with all of our clients.

There are really two considerations to make. The first step is to consider travelling less but with greater purpose. The second step is to ensure that
everything is done to ensure that the negative impact of your travel is. minimised We are making this mandatory for all of our trips through our
partnership with the World Land Trust and their Carbon Balanced Programme. This is very much just the start for us, we are working to enhance every layer of what we do to ensure we are doing as much as possible to protect the planet.

What does a Pelorus designed  like trip look like? Why’s it different?
We curate bespoke adventures that are experience focussed, delivering unforgettable and unique moments in some of the most majestic areas of the world. Our focus is on giving our clients a multi-faceted point of view, allowing them to really appreciate and understand their surroundings. We start every enquiry from scratch and make sure that every trip is unique to the client.

How can trips be designed as a force for good? 
Naturally, we need to put a strong emphasis on the environment. Trips can be designed as a force for good by working with our network of scientists, conservationists and environmental organisations to help our clients gain a deep understanding of responsible travel, wildlife conservation & environmental protection.

What are some of the recent trips you have planned? 
We recently curated a diving trip to the beautiful region of Raja Ampat so that our clients could connect with local marine conservationists to assist in identifying and protecting Manta Ray populations, feed Blacktip Reef Sharks
and swim with whale sharks. As well as exploring the beautiful temple islands and meeting those who inhabit them.
In terms of land-based trips, the last trip we organised was a safari through Kenya and Tanzania that allowed our clients to engage with an amazing range of wildlife and landscapes across the Mara and the Serengeti.

What's exciting about the Ocean Bottle partnership?
The Ocean bottle partnership is really exciting for us here at Pelorus as we look towards a more sustainable future in every aspect of what we do. We hope that in supporting Ocean Bottle and sharing our branded Ocean Bottles with clients and partners, we can play our part in helping to eliminate plastic from our waters as well as helping people pass on single-use plastic whilst travelling. 

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