Customise your bottle with a new loop or lid - mix and match parts to make a bottle uniquely tailored to you.

On the move? Add a GO Lid 🏃 Fancy a cuppa? Screw on a Brew ☕

Anti-Leak Seal
Dissassembles for easy cleaning
Recycled Stainless Steel
10 Years Warranty

GO Lids

GO Lid - Obsidian Black
GO Lid - Sky Blue
GO Lid - Forest Green
GO Lid - Sun Orange
GO Lid - Rock Grey
GO Lid - Ocean Blue

Brew Lids

Brew Lid - Obsidian BlackBrew Lid - Obsidian Black
Brew Lid - Sky BlueBrew Lid - Sky Blue
Brew Lid - Forest GreenBrew Lid - Forest Green
Brew Lid - Sun OrangeBrew Lid - Sun Orange
Brew Lid - Rock GreyBrew Lid - Rock Grey
Brew Lid - Ocean BlueBrew Lid - Ocean Blue

Carry Loops

Carry Loop - Obsidian Black
Carry Loop - Sky Blue
Carry Loop - Forest Green
Carry Loop - Sun Orange
Carry Loop - Rock Grey
Carry Loop - Ocean Blue

Original Caps

Original Cap - Sky Blue
Original Cap - Forest Green
Original Cap - Sun Orange
Original Cap - Rock Grey
Original Cap - Ocean Blue