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Ultra durable, in a sleek stainless steel finish.
  • Minimum Order: 48 Units
  • Highly detailed engraving
  • Custom packaging available


Full colour logo printing.
  • Minimum Order: 1,008 Units
  • Detailed full colour printing
  • Custom packaging available


Colour matches for maximum impact
  • Minimum Order: 5,040 Units
  • Colour matched to your brand
  • Custom packaging available
Anti-Leak Seal
Dissassembles for easy cleaning
Recycled Stainless Steel
10 Years Warranty

1 FOR 1000

With the sale of every Ocean Bottle we fund the collection of 11.368 kg of ocean-bound plastic (the equivalent in weight to 1,000 plastic bottles). We work with our 3 Plastic Collection partners to collect plastic on a global scale, in areas where plastic pollution is worse.

Anti-Leak Seal
Dissassembles for easy cleaning
Recycled Stainless Steel
10 Years Warranty


Designed with Doing Good in mind, our award winning bottles are made with a minimum 67% recycled materials, come with a 10 year warranty and are recyclable at the end of their life.

“Ocean Bottle have sought to reinvent how environmental actions are funded and how pollution is prevented. We’re fully supportive of their mission.”
Christian Horner,
Team Principal CEO
“We are delighted to have teamed up with Ocean Bottle to help tackle plastic pollution. The Ocean Race is dedicated to restoring the health of the ocean, and collaborations like this, that have a tangible, positive impact on the planet, are rare, but vital to accelerating our mission.”
Andrew Lamb,
Head of Partnership Development
“What better way to say you’re investing in the future than by using a bottle that literally helps look after our planet? Not only was the customer service top notch, the product quality was too.”
Tim Chong,
Co-founder and CEO,
Anti-Leak Seal
Dissassembles for easy cleaning
Recycled Stainless Steel
10 Years Warranty


A reusable bottle symbolises an individual's commitment to sustainability. An essential accessory for every person on the planet - it offers plenty of utility in addition to its cultural appeal. This is why eco-conscious businesses opt for Ocean Bottle.

Anti-Leak Seal
Dissassembles for easy cleaning
Recycled Stainless Steel
10 Years Warranty


We match your brand's colours using our Pantone system, ensuring that your Ocean Bottle is consistent with all your other branded materials. Our printing technology guarantees that every detail of your design, from intricate logos to graphics, is faithfully reproduced on your bottles.

Join our community of 
brands helping turning the 
tide on ocean plastic

Join our community of 
brands helping turning the 
tide on ocean plastic


Product Information
Plastic Collection
Supply Chain
What is an Ocean Bottle made of?

Ocean Bottles are made of recycled stainless steel (18/8 food-grade), BPA-free plastic, silicone rubber, and recycled ocean-bound plastic.

How long does it keep drinks hot for?

Ocean Bottles feature a double-wall vacuum to keep drinks hot for up to 18 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

How do I clean my Ocean Bottle?

You can clean your Ocean Bottle with warm, soapy water. The bottle is also dishwasher safe.

How much plastic collection does one Ocean Bottle fund?

One Ocean Bottle product funds the collection of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles in weight through our partnership with Plastic Bank, Plastics for Change, and rePurpose.

How can I be sure the plastic is collected?

Our partners follow best in class and formalised collection data sharing systems. We pair verified collection data from collection partners with sales using simple yet foolproof matching technology on an immutable Quantum Ledger DataBase️ (QLDB). A QLDB uses advanced quantum technology to keep records of transactions and information secure.

How are funds distributed?

Funds from Ocean Bottle purchases are invested in projects with Plastic Bank, Plastics for Change, and rePurpose that actively improve collectors’ lives by making sure wages are regulated, different types of plastic are collected, and workers can access social support. Working with a diverse group of partners gives us the flexibility to allocate funds wherever we can create the most significant impact.

What happens to the collected plastic?

High-value PET, PP, LDPE and HDPE plastics are recycled into flakes and pellets for use in new products. Low-value plastics are turned into energy subsidies.

What materials are used for the packaging?

We use FSC Recycled Cardboard and 100% Plastic-Free materials.

Can I customise the packaging?

Yes, you can customise packaging to represent the impact of your product. Take a look at our catalogue which has information on all customisation options.

What if my client or customer’s bottle breaks?

OB offers a 10-year warranty, so we will replace their bottle or any faulty parts if they break.

How can I recycle my bottle at the end of its life?

Ocean Bottle is designed to last a lifetime but if you need to dispose of it, most of it can be easily recycled at home, with the exception of the silicone rubber rings.

What co-branding options does Ocean Bottle offer?

Ocean Bottle offers logo engraving and colour printing services on its products, available in key markets: UK, EU, US, and directly from the factory in China.

What do I need to proceed with logo engraving or printing?

To proceed, provide a PNG or vectorised PDF of your logo and specify the desired logo size, considering the maximum engraving area of 130mm (H) x 35mm (W) on an Ocean Bottle.

What are the minimum order quantities (MOQs) for co-branding?

MOQs vary based on customisation options. For engraved & colour print logos, the MOQ is 48 units. Other customisations like China Collection, custom base plates, silicone loops, custom packaging, and custom Pantone colours have specific MOQs.

Where are Ocean Bottle products made?

Ocean Bottle products are made in China with responsible manufacturing practices.

What efforts are made to ensure sustainable manufacturing?

Our factory goes above and beyond what the next best competitor offers in terms of employee conditions and pay, factory safety, and environmental impact. From robotic production to BSCI and SEDEX certification, they have shown their willingness to differentiate themselves for the good of their workforce and the environment.

Do you use fair labour practices in manufacturing?

Yes, our factory in China boasts one of the highest SEDEX ratings and certifications in its category.

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