Top tips for caring for your Ocean Bottle

Top tips for caring for your Ocean Bottle

Invested in the ocean and bought an Ocean Bottle? We recognise that owning a reusable bottle is just one step into a sustainable lifestyle. We want you to reuse and refill it - every darn day.

So here’s our top tips to care for your Ocean Bottle to ensure it’s the last bottle you’ll need to buy:

Our water bottle care tips

  1. Register the warranty - Our bottles are built to last a lifetime but we know that things don’t always go to plan which is why we provide a warranty on each bottle. Our 10-year repair and replacement scheme covers manufacturing defects and parts that have been accidentally broken. Hold your phone to the base of your Ocean Bottle to scan the NFC chip and follow the steps to register your bottle with us now.

  2. Stay squeaky clean - Wash your water bottle after each use to ensure it always smells its best and to avoid bacteria build up in the bottle.

  3. Clean all elements - Our bottle breaks down into 4 elements; base, carry loop, spout and lid. Clean each of these  elements individually.

  4. Prevent leaks - Our bottles have 2 gaskets that help to seal the water in and avoid leaks. To prevent your bottle from leaking, always ensure that these 2 gaskets are in place. 

  5. Dishwasher safe - Our Ocean Bottles are dishwasher safe up to 60 degrees. Put it in with your dishwasher cycle at least once a week to ensure that it gets a frequent deep clean. If you put your bottle in the dishwasher, always ensure that the gaskets are secured before and after the cycle. 

  6. Forget the fridge - The double walled vacuum insulation in our bottle works to maintain the temperature of what’s inside so there’s no need to put your bottle in the fridge to keep drinks cold. 

  7. Forget the freezer - Storing bottles in the freezer has been known to cause cracks and break the vacuum seal so we wouldn’t recommend you do this. Instead, just put chilled water with ice straight into your Ocean Bottle and enjoy.

  8. Empty it out - To avoid the build up of mould and bacteria and to prevent rust on the inside, remember to tip out whatever is left in your Ocean Bottle once you’re finished with it and give it a rinse with water. 

  9. Carbonate with caution - The airtight lid on our Ocean Bottle means you can keep drinks fizzing for longer. However, the time it will keep drinks cold will vary significantly depending on the drink and pressure can build up inside the bottle and can cause the lid to 'pop' off, so we recommend exercising a lot of caution and opening the cap with a firm grip and in an open space.

  10. Don’t use bleach - Bleach is not suitable for human consumption so do not use this when cleaning your bottle. 

Each time an Ocean Bottle is bought this funds the collection of 11.4kg of ocean-bound plastic (the equivalent of 1,000 plastic bottles) before it enters the ocean. 

Together we can turn the tide on ocean plastic, one reusable water bottle at a time!

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Can all elements of the bottle go in the dishwasher?


Had my 2 bottles about 5 years. They are great! Do you sell replacement gaskets?

Neil Southern

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