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Environmental Justice is Social Justice: Our First Brand Film

As a startup that prioritises environmental action, we feel compelled to speak up in light of what has been happening in the US since the tragic death of George Floyd. 

Fear of “getting political” is not an excuse. If it's uncomfortable that’s part of it, part of getting educated, more equipped, no longer is it ok to run. The voices inside our heads this week have been saying “Channel your anxiety into energy.”

Environmental action that fails to recognise the link between environmental injustices and dominant systems of racism, sexism, colonialism patriarchy and ageism is not acceptable. Internally, as a company we must take critical steps to educate ourselves how to find the often hidden injustices, we need to recognise them, admit them and turn them into action. Communications need to vocalise these injustices and we will strive to work with people, provide a platform and hire people who are in positions of injustice. Actively seeking and working to bring environmental justice.

Environmental justice is a just and fair future for people as well as the planet, and environmental movements and organisations, including ourselves at Ocean Bottle need to do more to ensure the future we create is socially, racially and politically equal, just and fair for all.

We are proud to introduce to you our first brand film and tell you that it was made by and with people we look to for inspiration and allegiance within the environmental justice mission. But there’s a lot more we can do. We are asking ourselves and implore the OB community to ask themselves, what does it look like to become a better ally to those living on the margins of society?

We will continue to try to gain a better understanding of racism and the anti-racist work that needs to be done. To be anti-racist is to be actively opposed to racism. It means confronting white privilege, recognising and admitting our place in an oppressive system and striving to change it. 

Our Brand Film

In the midst of dark times, we are proud to be bringing a message of hope and action for solving the ocean plastic crisis through our first brand film one that we hope gives one strand of meaning to environmental justice. Check out our first brand film below and read more about the people that made it. 

Meet the Team Involved

Meet Kuntari 

Kuntari is a plastic entrepreneur on the front lines of the ocean plastic crisis in Bali and making a dent on the 22kgs of plastic that flows into our oceans each day. She’s also a mother, wife and one of the most generous people I have ever met. She has nothing but she gives everything. It’s our duty to ensure the work with Plastic Bank puts the right support and structure in place for her to live a better life, never one of exploitation. We are also hugely grateful to our partners at Plastic Bank Indonesia- Yoga, Kirman & Paola in particular! 


The Directors

The film was co-directed by Joya Berrow & Lucy Jane, collectively known as The Right To Roam. Based in Cornwall and London, they have won awards for their films which focus on the intersection of environmental and social justice stories. The female duo work to highlight diverse and under-represented voices to bring fresh, new perspectives to global issues of climate change, to shift behaviours and create systemic change. As a brand, we need to continue to support directors like these two that go against the grain of the more commercial work.


The Narrator

The film is narrated by Danni Washington, the first Black Woman Science TV host, a marine biologist, activist, and campaigner for a cleaner, plastic-free oceans. She sits on the boards of some of the world’s leading ocean conservation organizations and has set up her own platform Big Blue and You to inspire youth about the oceans through art and media. Danni works incredibly hard to bring the oceans to more, to make them more accessible. As the tragic events have unfolded since the death of George Floyd she has worked to keep the pressure on and to connect herself and the community of Los Angeles as a united force.


The Production

This was predominantly produced by Duna Films, an impact production company, creating awareness and driving action to make the world a better place. We also pulled in a tonne of favors from the advertising industry in London- these people are the people we should seek to make things with and if we’re not we should interrogate the rest to prove the weighting of their work leans towards environmental and social injustice issues.  

Post Production

This film could not have been created without the kind help, creative expertise and goodwill of Rosie Parry, Cecile Tett and Rebecca Hunter, Bill Mc Namara & David Keegan and Ben, Kai and Rod from Nineteentwenty, James Cobbold, Sam Robson and Mary-Ann have all helped out at 750mph. 

This film exists to raise awareness about the global waste issue, to connect people to it on a human level and serve as a call to action to come together to tackle our ocean-plastic problem by putting a value on plastic waste. 

Message in Bottle brought to you by Iona Ratcliffe

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