Iced coconut matcha recipe 🥥

Minty Coconut Iced Matcha Recipe
Ocean Bottle & Moicha Matcha London
Serves 2
1 tsp ceremonial grade matcha
120 ml coconut milk (from a can)
1-2 tbsp maple syrup (or more to taste)
5-6 small mint leaves (or more to taste)
120 ml oat milk
Ice cubes
Optional addition: 1 tsp vanilla paste
1. Add matcha to a medium-sized bowl. Add approx. 30ml of hot (not boiled) water. Gently whisk in a W-shaped motion until smooth. 
2. Transfer the matcha mixture to a blender or a food processor. Add coconut milk, maple syrup & mint leaves. Add vanilla paste if desired. Blend until completely smooth.
3. To serve the drink, fill your Ocean Bottle with ice cubes (about halfway). Add the minty matcha coconut mixture. Top off with oat milk (to taste). 
Extra tips
If you prefer a frothy finish, top it off with frothed oat milk. Leave out the maple syrup altogether if desired. 

📸 Produced by My Vegan Minimalist

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