How do insulated water bottles work?

How do insulated water bottles work?

We all want our reusable bottle to keep our iced coffee cold and our cuppa tea hot and the Ocean Bottle does just that.🧊🔥 

Each bottle is equipped with hot and cold stainless steel vacuum insulation, making it an insulated water bottle. 

What is an insulated water bottle?

An insulated water bottle is a vessel that lengthens the time in which its contents will remain at the original temperature. The Ocean Bottle will maintain the temperature of its contents for up to 6 hours. 

But HOW does that work we hear you ask? Well… 

How does a vacuum insulated water bottle work?

To keep it to a tweet:

A double walled vacuum insulated water bottle puts a barrier between two different temperature molecules and stops the heat transfer. 

For more context, imagine a water bottle holding another bottle inside it, separated by a vacuum. This vacuum is a space within two walls of metal or other material that is void of air, allowing no sort of heat transfer to take place between the inside of the vessel and the wall between it and the outside. It’s this structure that provides thermal insulation or reduction of heat transfer. 

Our Ocean Bottle is equipped with double walled stainless steel vacuum insulation, so you can be confident that your drink will stay exactly how you intended it to be. 

Vacuum insulated water bottles vs single wall water bottles

A single wall water bottle is just one layer of material whereas a vacuum insulated bottle has two layers with a void between them and, as such, each has different properties. 

The single layer means that you will feel the temperature of the contents you put into it when holding the bottle. So if you fill your single wall bottle with tea it will be hot to touch and, likewise, if you made an iced water, then the bottle would be cold to touch. 

The vacuum insulated water bottle, however, has two walls with an air void between them so you will not feel the temperature of its contents when you hold it. It’s this feature that also enables vacuum insulated water bottles to maintain the temperature of their contents for a longer time period than a single walled bottle.

Vacuum insulated water bottles vs double wall water bottles

Both double wall water bottles and vacuum insulated water bottles have two layers. Despite this, the features and performance of these two types of bottles varies a lot.

Double wall water bottles can be effective in keeping cold drinks cold as the additional material acts as a barrier. The effectiveness of this feature can be impacted by prolonged use and use in hot environments though. Also, the double wall bottles do not insulate effectively which means they cannot keep hot drinks hot. 

Vacuum insulated water bottles also have two layers. Vacuum containers also have an intentional air void between these two layers in order to add insulation. This void means there’s no molecules that the heat can transfer through. It’s this feature that positions the vacuum insulated water bottle above the rest.

Can you freeze insulated water bottles?

Want cold water? There’s no need to fill your bottle and then freeze it for hours. In fact, because of our effective double walled vacuum insulation, it wouldn’t make much difference if you did. Instead - we’d recommend filling the bottle with cold water and ice cubes and then it’s ready.  So when you’re out on a hike in the heat or tightly packed on the tube, our Ocean Bottle will help you to stay hydrated with a refreshing cool cup of water.

Do insulated water bottles keep hot drinks warm?

What about warm drinks? Fill your Ocean Bottle up with a brew of your choosing and the vacuum insulation will keep the drink hot for up to 6 hours, even on the coldest of days. So if you’re going wild swimming this winter, you’ll have time to scout out your favourite locations, go for a dip and then sip on your drink to warm you up. 

Settled down on the sofa with your cuppa - have you ever boiled the kettle and then realised you won’t use all the water? *Hot tip* Pour the remaining hot water in an Ocean Bottle and use this to top up your tea throughout the day. This will save you having to use more energy reheating water in the kettle which is good for the planet and good for the purse strings. 

Do insulated water bottles stop working?

If it is well cared for then the insulation in your water bottle will never stop working. That’s not the only reason why insulated stainless steel water bottles are a great investment. Compared to regular water bottles, double wall water bottles are actually more durable so you can take your Ocean Bottle out and about on adventures and be confident that the bottle and its insulation will work and continue to do so indefinitely. The efficacy of our insulation alongside our 10-year repair and replacement scheme means that this bottle will last you a lifetime. Shop our Ocean Bottle reusable water bottles on our site now!

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