Dip Dive | Episode 5 - Collector Stories: Nia, waste4change and rePurpose, Bekasi📍

Dip Dive | Episode 5 - Collector Stories: Nia, waste4change and rePurpose, Bekasi📍

"If not us, who would care about the environment?"

Each Ocean Bottle bought funds the collection of 11.4kg of ocean bound plastic (the equivalent to 1,000 plastic bottles in weight).

To actualise this collection we work with plastic collection parters Plastic BankPlastics for Change and rePurpose Global 🤝.

Our partnership with rePurpose extends our global collection reach to new locations in Ghana and Indonesia. Last year we visited Bekasi, a city located on the eastern border of Jakarta, Indonesia, home to over 2.5 million people and the world’s largest landfill. 

In partnership with waste4change and rePurpose global, we visited the waste bank created by Nia Kurniasih, who emphasised the importance of access to appropriate waste collection and the need to educate others on its importance:


Our plastic collection partner rePurpose has a holistic and scalable approach to plastic collection. rePurpose enable us to fund the collection of almost every kind of plastic and ensure that it’s given a valuable second life. High value plastics are recycled, low value plastics are up-cycled, and hard to recycle plastics are co-processed.

Only by finding a way to finally place these plastics back into a circular system will we create a real change in the areas worst affected by plastic pollution.

This film is Episode 5 in our Ocean Bottle Dip Dive series, where we dip into the world of individuals and organisations who work with the ocean in mind.

Find the full series here.

With thanks to Duna Films for enabling us at Ocean Bottle to share this series 📹.

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