Another world is possible if we do it together

Another world is possible if we do it together

To celebrate this years Earth Day, we’ve partnered up with Milkywire, an app that allows you to give directly to impactful charitable organisations around the world.  We need to collaborate for a common purpose of saving the planet, we need multiple solutions all happening at once. So for every Ocean Bottle sold this week, we’re donating 25% of revenue per bottle to three incredible locally-rooted nonprofits across the planet, whilst collecting the usual 1000 plastic bottles in weight.  🌍

Here are the three changemakers we and you will be supporting this Earth week... 


South Africa is the biggest emitter of CO2 on the African continent and almost all its electricity comes from burning coal. The country is also faced with growing inequalities and the impacts of climate change have further compromised the people’s basic constitutional rights. 

Thabo is an Education Officer who is working with communities towards the realisation of clean, affordable electricity in South Africa. Funds towards this project will help Thabo promote renewable energy technology and stop the development of new coal power plants in order to set South Africa on a low-carbon development path.


At this moment in time, 99.9 % of all glaciers are currently melting, contributing to a significant threat: sea-level rises. Over 700 million people will be directly affected by this. Indirectly, massive streams of climate refugees will dramatically increase population density, diseases, and conflicts.

Heidi Sevestre is a glaciologist who, back in April 2021 led the first ever carbon-neutral science expedition in the Arctic in modern times. Heidi’s research provides invaluable information on glaciers, such as black carbon particles - which could be vital in preventing further glacial melting and rising sea levels.

Heidi is aiming to complete her groundbreaking research and further educate politicians to make vital decisions to stop global warming, and funds will help her get there.


Coastal development, fishing pressure, and ocean pollution are threatening critically endangered sharks and their habitats in the Bahamas. Sharks are unfortunately cursed with a bad reputation, to protect them, people need to care about them.

Jillian is a Marine Biologist fighting to protect sharks by spreading knowledge about them to the younger generation. So far, Jillian has reached over 155,000 students with the goal of helping the next generation become shark and ocean advocates. Jillian is aiming to get more equipment needed to engage kids in schools.

Thanks for coming #TogetherForOurPlanet with us... If you want to support these initiatives this Earth Day, get your bottle here.

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