Reduce waste with this Hot Pumpkin Skin Tea recipe 🎃

Reduce waste with this Hot Pumpkin Skin Tea recipe 🎃

It really is scary season!

18,000 tonnes of Pumpkins are used every year in the UK, with 99.9% of the skins on these completely wasted.
All waste holds hidden potential; it just takes time to uncover it…
We’re here to help you reduce waste and create something tasty this Halloween.
In partnership with Douglas McMaster, founder of Zero Waste Cooking School and author of ‘The Zero Waste Blueprint’ we've created this Hot Pumpkin Skin Tea recipe.
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To prep:
Top and tail the pumpkin, chop it up and peel it with a knife
Steam the pumpkin skins until soft
Julienne the pumpkin skins
Roast on a low heat until they’re crispy and taste like toffee apple
To serve:
Pour 200g hot water over 4g of your new tea
Leave to brew for 4 mins
Pour into your OB and enjoy

Happy Halloween! 🎃

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