Ocean Bottle is certified as Climate Pledge Friendly brand

Ocean Bottle is certified as Climate Pledge Friendly brand

Ocean Bottle is a B Corp-certified brand committed to saving our ocean. With the sale of each Ocean Bottle, we fund the collection of 11.4kg of ocean-bound plastic – equivalent to 1,000 plastic bottles in weight – in coastal areas where plastic pollution is worst.

And while we don’t need a pat on the back, it’s nice to get some recognition for the work we’ve done so far, thanks to our partners and community members just like you. That’s why we’re pleased to announce Ocean Bottle has recently been certified as a Climate Pledge Friendly brand. 

What is The Climate Pledge?

The Climate Pledge is a commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism. The initiative brings together some of the world’s top companies to accelerate joint action, cross-sector collaboration, and responsible change. 

As a signatory of The Climate Pledge, Ocean Bottle has agreed to:

  • Regular reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Carbon elimination aligning with the Paris Agreement through fundamental business changes and innovations such as efficiency improvements, renewable energy and materials reductions. 
  • The neutralisation of any remaining emissions with additional, quantifiable, tangible, permanent, and socially beneficial offsets to achieve net-zero annual carbon emissions by 2040. 

Our carbon strategy

For Ocean Bottle, as with any other company, it’s impossible to create business growth without creating environmental emissions. However, because we put so much care and diligence into our value chain from day one, our environmental footprint has been optimised to leave the smallest mark possible on the planet. So, here’s what we implemented in 2022:

  • We source 90% recycled stainless steel, reducing our product emissions by 70% compared to the status quo.
  • We transport products from our factory to our warehouses by train and sea, not air, which reduces transportation emissions by 94%.
  • In 2022, we eradicated airfreight for 99.71% of our factory-to-warehouse shipments.
  • We implemented solar panels in our Chinese factory, which power 20% of their energy needs, reducing production emissions by 5% compared to the national average.

The best bit? We’ve set targets to improve this further in 2023 and beyond.

How The Climate Pledge Impacts Ocean Bottle

Our commitment to the planet is deeply ingrained in everything we do at Ocean Bottle. Becoming a signatory of The Climate Pledge enables us to amplify our actions.

If you’ve read our Impact Report, you’ll know we’re actively working to reduce our carbon emissions. Every target we set in our Impact Report is paramount to us, now and forever.

By supporting initiatives like this, we receive recognition for the work we’re already doing whilst actively encouraging other brands to do the same,  helping us to reach more people and accelerate our mission to collect the equivalent of 7 billion plastic bottles in weight by 2025.

We want to assure our community that rather than influencing what we do in the future, The Climate Pledge recognises our existing work and commitment to the planet.

As signatories of The Climate Pledge, we stand alongside other brands paving the way, but our Purpose and Values will always remain Ocean Bottle. For you. For the people. For the ocean.

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