Dip Dive Series Episode 1 - Pondicherry

Introducing our first Dip Dive film, where we take a dip into the world of a person or organsiation doing good things for the ocean. First up we meet Vijayraj Yacob Dass, the artist behind the mural at the first ever Ocean Bottle plastic collection site situated in Pondicherry. Find out how he's creating art for change and telling a new narrative for plastic waste management in India. The collection site is one of the leading sites in Pondicherry thanks to partners Plastics For Change and you can find out more on our site.

Since opening the centre in the second half of 2021, we’ve funded the collection of more than 98,280 kgs of ocean-bound plastic, provided full-time employment for 8 staff members at the centre, and supported the income of 26 scrap shops and 31 collectors’ families – and this is only the beginning.

Thanks to
Duna Films
Plastics for Change

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