Dip Dive | Episode 4 - Queer Surf Club

Dip Dive | Episode 4 - Queer Surf Club

“The more people that can enjoy being in the sea, the more people that will love it, the more people will help save it, that’s all that it comes down to at the end of the day.” - Frazer Riley

Introducing Queer Surf Club, a community of LGBTQ+ surfers (and allies) from across the globe - connected by their identities and a love of the ocean.

Their mission is to create inclusive surfing to save our ocean. They encourage and enable people of all different identities to have access to, enjoy and preserve our ocean. Surfing is notoriously exclusive as a sport; geographically, socially and economically. Surf culture needs to change - and they’re here to shake it up. United, their presence is diversifying and changing the culture of surfing for good.

See the story of the Queer Surf Club here:


Everyone is welcome at QSC. The main 2 ways to get involved are joining the Community or joining their Events.

The community is hosted on Slack - a free online platform designed for communities to connect, chat and meet up. You'll meet other LGBTQ+ folks, allies and surfers on this Server.

You can join the Community here.

Events take place across the UK and Europe. The QSC host 4 main surf meets throughout the year, as well as their community organizing their own mini meets. You can find information on all  events here (with 2023 dates still to come).

It’s important to note that QSC is where it is today, due to the incredible efforts of other community orgs helping make surfing more inclusive and accessible. Ocean Bottle and QSC are inspired by the likes of:

Check them out and tell them we sent you!

This film is Episode 4 in our Ocean Bottle Dip Dive series, where we dip into the world of individuals and organisations who work with the ocean in mind. Find the full series here.

With thanks to Duna Films for enabling us at Ocean Bottle to share this series 📹.

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