Dip Dive | Episode 3 - Collector Stories : Ronaldo, Plastic Bank Member, Brasil

Dip Dive | Episode 3 - Collector Stories : Ronaldo, Plastic Bank Member, Brasil

Here at Ocean Bottle we are proud to be partnered with Plastic Bank, a social enterprise that inspires ethical recycling in vulnerable coastal areas and reprocesses the materials for reintroduction into the global supply chain.

This year, we met Plastic Bank Member Ronaldo in Maricá, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. 

“We are saving the ocean and cleaning the beaches… what we gain is something very valuable, which is knowing that we are cleaning the planet.” - Ronaldo

Ronaldo and his wife Helenita work with the local community to collect plastic before it reaches the ocean. Helenita also provides a service to local residents helping them get access to hospitals in exchange for plastic collection. 

Watch Ronaldo and Helenita’s story here:

Ocean Bottle have been partnered with Plastic Bank since 2019, and continue to support the groundbreaking work they do in vulnerable coastal communities around the world. 

They bring a wealth of experience - as one of the first organisations of its kind to set up recycling infrastructure and make it traceable. They operate internationally, using their Alchemy blockchain platform to secure transactions and provide real-time data visualisation – allowing for transparency, traceability, and rapid scalability. Alongside this, Plastic Bank focuses on collector welfare, providing extra benefits beyond the transactional element of waste for money.

To date, Plastic Bank have stopped over 69.8 million kg of plastic from reaching the ocean. Read their 2021 sustainability report here 📖 and visit their site to learn more.

This film is Episode 3 in our Ocean Bottle Dip Dive series, where we dip into the world of individuals and organisations who are working to restore the ocean. Find the full series here.

With thanks to Duna Films for enabling us at Ocean Bottle to share this series 📹.


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