Dip Dive | Episode 2 - Coral Vita

Dip Dive | Episode 2 - Coral Vita

Introducing Episode 2 in our Dip Dive series, where we dip into the world of individuals and organisations who are doing good things for the ocean 🌊.

Join us as we dive into the world of Coral Vita - the global network that protects threatened ecosystems by growing diverse and resilient corals and outplanting them into degraded reefs. Technician Oshiko Riley talks us through the vital importance of Coral Reefs, one of most important ecosystems on the planet:

Reefs are a cornerstone of life in the ocean, supporting 25% of all marine species. These incredible ecosystems are also a source of food for hundreds of millions of people; they power coastal economies around the world through tourism, fishing, and recreation; and reefs shelter coastlines from storms and erosion. Sadly, coral reef health is collapsing around the world. As reefs die, these ecological wonders and the critical benefits they provide for people disappear. The threats posed from this crisis – from wildlife loss, to homes underwater, to climate refugees – matters to everyone everywhere.

Coral Vita works with a range of stakeholders to restore dying reefs. Through an innovative restoration model, they are able to bring reefs back to life by growing climate change resilient corals and planting them into degraded reef sites.

Inspired to invest in our oceans? 

We are proud to introduce the Coral Vita Ocean Bottle. This Limited Edition bottle is available exclusively on the Coral Vita website and for each bottle purchased you fund the collection of the equivalent to 1,000 ocean bound plastic bottles:



With thanks to Duna Films for enabling us at Ocean Bottle to share Coral Vita’s story.

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