Introducing the Limited Edition Are You Mad Ocean Bottle ♻️



Are You Mad is an experimental recycling company based in Soho, central London, connecting recycling and the circular economy to culture and elevating the value of waste as a design material.  

AYM collects plastic from businesses, residents and passers-by from in and around Soho, facilitated by their Wastemen. This waste that is collected is then transformed. Hosted in a conceptual retail space, AYM offer design-led products that are sold inside the store. 

 Each AYM Ocean Bottle bought funds the collection of plastic waste. 

15% of the revenue from each AYM bottle sold will be donated to the Are You Mad Wasteman Apprenticeship scheme. The AYM Wasteman Apprenticeship scheme gives young people in the UK access to education around recycling plastic waste and employment opportunities in collecting, cleaning and processing local plastic waste to turn it into art, furniture and products.

Each Are You Mad Ocean Bottle sold funds the collection of 11.4kg of ocean bound plastic (equivalent to 1,000 plastic bottles in weight) before it reaches the ocean; high value plastics are recycled, low value plastics are up-cycled, and hard to recycle plastics are co-processed. 

This bottle is available IRL at the Are You Mad store, 96-97 Berwick Street, London 📍and online at


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