Our mission is to rid the world of ocean plastic.

Our mindset, and what drives our decisions, is No Bullshit Sustainability.
Join us this Earth Day and get your limited edition Earth Bottle to celebrate how we can restore our earth with a N.B.S attitude.  



Of proceeds go to the Earth Day Initiative who aim to make Earth Day more than just a one day event or an annual wake up call. They promote environmental awareness and solutions through partnerships with schools, communities and governments throughout the year.

1 FOR 1000

Every Ocean Bottle funds the collection of the equivalent to 1000 plastic bottles in weight.


Through our partners, Plastic Bank, collectors from coastal communities in Haiti, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil can access the things they need by exchanging plastic for money or credit to spend on healthcare, tuition, tech goods or education.



What do we mean by No Bullshit Sustainability?

At Ocean Bottle, our No Bullshit Sustainability approach is centred on saying exactly what we will do, actually doing it, and tracking it. We promise to be transparent about what percentage of our revenue goes to plastic collection, our supply chain and carbon offset, and to measure our progress relative to our impact pillars; Ocean Health, Social Good, Climate Action and Closing the Loop. Find out how we’re doing so far in our Impact Report.

N.B.S can be adopted by everyone through the way we act, speak and listen. This Earth Day, challenge yourself with small acts to create a big impact.

Earth Day Challenge

We’ve created an easy challenge for you to take part in during this Earth month.

For every challenge we get tagged in on Instagram, we’ll fund the collection of an additional 100 plastic bottles in weight. 


Kris Andrew Small

We’ve teamed up with Kris to create a limited edition Earth Day bottle.

Kris is an artist and designer based in Sydney, his work takes on societal issues channelled through loud, abstract, type and textual collage pieces. We partnered with Kris to challenge the sustainability catchphrase to inspire us into taking easy actions to restore our earth.


We asked Kris a few questions to find out more about his work and what N.B.S. means for him…

What made you say yes to work on this project?

I always like to have a message in my work, this is a very strong, clear and relevant message. We need to look at our own lives and the brands we choose to support and see what they are doing to stop climate change. I believe Ocean Bottle is committing to reducing plastic waste and I am happy and proud to be a part of that.

What are some of the actions you are taking to restore our earth?

Obviously I recycle, how can you not these days, but also while I shop I try to buy unpackaged items, I am vegetarian so I mainly buy fruit and veg anyway, which comes fresh without plastic. I also stopped eating meat as I became aware it has a huge carbon footprint. I don’t buy anything plastic unless I am planning to use it for a long time. I think overall as well I really try to consider what I actually need, it’s really easy to buy things without actually seeing them as something that has been produced and will ultimately end up in landfill or the ocean, so lately I am really trying to consider all the things I buy and whether I actually need them.

What does No Bullshit Sustainability mean to you and how does it come across in your work?

I think we are so far past the point where we can be complacent about sustainability, it's something every person and every brand on the planet should be concerned about in 2021. So I think the time for being passive is over, we need to be aggressive, bold and straight to the point. I really tried to make that clear with this work, I wanted it to be accessible and urgent.

Finally, we couldn’t ask you a few questions without bringing up the ocean. What is your favourite ocean memory?

I don’t have just one, I grew up by the ocean and it has always been a huge part of my life, when I was as kid no matter what was wrong with us, if we had a cold or a scratch or anything, my mum would say, ‘jump in the ocean, that will fix it’. So I always kind of see the ocean as this really pure, natural, healing source of energy. I am lucky to live near the ocean now and go most days to meditate.