Eco friendly Easter Treat Recipe 🍫

Immerse yourself in eco friendly indulgence this Easter.

We’ve teamed up with Cocoa Canopy to create an Easter treat tutorial.

Crafted by expert chocolatiers, Cocoa Canopy's chocolate beads make a mood-boosting hot or Iced Chocolate. With five unique blends all served in plastic-free packaging, it’s the treat we’ll be choosing this weekend.

Hot or cold, find your fave and create a deliciously creamy or rich choc to go:

How to make it hot on the hob 

  • Heat 200ml of milk gently in a saucepan. 
  • Take off the heat once simmering 
  • Whisk in 4-5 tsp of chocolate beads until fully melted and combined (still grainy? Keep whisking). 
  • Yep. It’s that simple! Enjoy your Hot Chocolate! 

How to make it nice over ice 

  • Pop 4-6 tsps of chocolate beads in a heat-resistant bottle (your Ocean Bottle will be perfect for this) 
  • Add a splash of boiling water (just enough to cover it) 
  • Shake it for 15 seconds into a smooooth paste (still grainy? Keep shaking) 
  • Add 200 ml milk  
  • Shake it! 
  • Pour over ice  

Indulge this Easter!

Use code: EasterHotChoc15 for a 15% discount when you shop at Cocoa Canopy.

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