Introducing the OB Book Club, where sustainability meets storytelling. Coming to you once a month.   


Each month we’ll be recommending a story that inspires us here at OB HQ and introducing it to you.


It’s not strictly just books, but the aim of our book club is to share stories that inspire us to make a difference, wth the hope it will empower us to create a world where plastic pollution is a problem of the past.


To start, we’re going back to basics and asking the question, what is the true story of plastic?

Our pick-of-this-month is The Story of Plastic: an Emmy-winning, documentary and animated film that uncovers the lifecycle of plastic, and how this man-made material has resulted in today’s global plastic pollution crisis.

Click below to watch the Animated Short Film 👇

Access the full film and find out more here 👀📹

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