The Climate Crisis Film Festival

The Climate Crisis Film Festival

A free film festival at COP26 tells the untold stories of climate change and celebrates emerging film makers and underrepresented communities.

With temperatures rising, wildfires and droughts happening more regularly, glaciers melting and sea levels getting higher, climate change has become one of the world’s greatest challenges, a global challenge that unites all of us. During COP26, the Climate Crisis Film Festival is bringing the worldwide, untold human stories from the frontlines of climate change right to the big screen. The aim of the festival is to amplify diverse voices on the impacts of climate change, and the solutions.
We’re delighted to be presenting the first-ever Ocean Bottle Film Award to one of four BIPOC and non-Western filmmakers this Friday alongside 5 Media, celebrating climate narratives and culture from underrepresented communities. 
Take a look at the nominees for the award below, who all bring fresh perspectives on climate change, from around the world in Nicaragua, Hawaii, Mexico, and the Philippines.

Haulover: Separated by Alvaro Cantillano 

This film is about a Miskitu village in Nicaragua hit by two major hurricanes late last year, leaving residents to either rebuild or relocate.

Hawaiian Soul  by writer-director ʻĀina Paikai 

A film by Āina Paikai about a young activist and musician who fights to protect the island of Kahoʻolawe from military bombing.

Time and the Seashell by Itandehui Jansen 

Time and the Seashell tells the story of our changing landscapes, exploring futures, pasts, and vanishing biodiversity in Indigenous Mexico. 

To Calm the Pig Inside by Joanna Vasquez Arong  

To Calm the Pig Inside highlights the devastating effect of a typhoon on a small town in the Philippines. 


If you want to get involved with the film festival, it's happening right now and is free! Click this link to be a part of it.

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