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A rider challenge to not just enjoy our beaches, but also take care of them.

A rider challenge to not just enjoy our beaches, but also take care of them. | Ocean Bottle Store

Every one of us is aware of the challenge that plastic pollution poses to the oceans, seas, beaches and coastlines that we love and enjoy like our own personal playgrounds.

Every year more than 8 million tons of waste (or an incredible 91% of non-recycled plastic) ends up in the sea, as shown by National Geographic. Not only does it endanger species such as sharks, dolphins or whales, but also add to the destruction of our postcard-perfect beaches.

Do Your Part to Tackle Plastic Pollution This Summer and Treat Yourself!
As riders, surfers, sailors and those that enjoy the water like our own wild playgrounds, we feel it is our responsibility to help tackle the great problem that plastic pollution poses to the oceans and beaches.

We have collaborated with the awesome folks from Ocean Bottle and to create a special virtual #RIDEFOROUROCEANS challenge this summer that will enable fellow nautical and watersports enthusiasts to make a positive impact, have fun on the water and also win their own Ocean Bottle! To learn more, check out the post and enter before August 31, 2021.

Join the Summer OB x KANARA Rider Challenge!

Other ways to make an impact in the rider community

There are a number of awesome groups and individuals in the community of persons that practice watersports and sister sports including boardsports and windsports. 

Most should be familiar with awesome organisations like the Surfrider Foundation and WILDCOAST. Other great examples from the rider community include European- based Good Karma Projects who develop projects like #CLEANUPWITHGOODKARMA and Med Plastic that help to raise awareness and action, Wave Changer (Australia) and For a Cleaner Ocean (Hong Kong). Don’t forget to check out local, grassroots groups near you! 

5 rules to remember when visiting your next surf spot

1. Respect the environment: do not litter or modify the ecosystem.

2. Look for substitutes for plastic products when you go to the beach.

3. Don’t be silent about negligent actions that you notice.

4. Do not waste water in your daily life

5. Join the movement, #OceanConservation, by participating in initiatives to fight against plastics and ocean pollution.

If we all do our part, the results will be positive. It all starts with standing up and helping. As they say: "small actions, big results". Just by picking up a stray bottle or a buried bag after a session will mean one less piece polluting paradise.

Being part of the community means respecting and caring for the environment we enjoy. We cannot look the other way. We invite you to start joining the movement and take action to fight against the destruction of our playgrounds. 

The guest blog was written by KANARA. KANARA is a nautical and water sportech startup that was founded on the principles of sportsmanship and stewardship. Our mission is to connect riders, nautical and water sports enthusiasts and reward them for practicing the sports they love. Download our free Garmin and Suunto compatible KANARA mobile app to join the rider community. Track, analyse and gamify your on-water sessions, earn points, rewards, take part in digital challenges and more. Contact gaby@kanarasport.com or visit our Linktree to learn more!

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

Message in a bottle.

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